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The method of maximum likelihood is used in estimating the target parameters and the frequency of occurrences of the hottest days is assessed. The study presents a case study of South Africa in which the data for the non-winter season September—April of each year are used. The estimation of the shape parameter reveals evidence of a Weibull class as an appropriate distribution for modelling AMDT in South Africa. The extreme quantiles for specified return periods are estimated using the quantile function and the best model is chosen through the use of the deviance statistic with the support of the graphical diagnostic tools.

Miller, December In his study, Miller Merging daily sea surface temperature data from multiple satellites using a Bayesian maximum entropy method. Sea surface temperature SST is an important variable for understanding interactions between the ocean and the atmosphere. The merged SSTs, with a spatial resolution of 4 km and a temporal resolution of 24 hours, are produced in the Western Pacific Ocean region to demonstrate and evaluate the proposed methodology. Comparisons with in situ drifting buoy observations show that the merged SSTs are accurate and the bias and root-mean-square errors for the comparison are 0.

Estimating daily minimum, maximum , and mean near surface air temperature using hybrid satellite models across Israel. Meteorological stations measure air temperature Ta accurately with high temporal resolution, but usually suffer from limited spatial resolution due to their sparse distribution across rural, undeveloped or less populated areas. Remote sensing satellite-based measurements provide daily surface temperature Ts data in high spatial and temporal resolution and can improve the estimation of daily Ta. In this study we developed spatiotemporally resolved models which allow us to predict three daily parameters: Ta Max day time , 24h mean, and Ta Min night time on a fine 1km grid across the state of Israel.

We used linear mixed effect models, IDW inverse distance weighted interpolations and thin plate splines using a smooth nonparametric function of longitude and latitude to first calibrate between Ts and Ta in those locations where we have available data for both and used that calibration to fill in neighboring cells without surface monitors or missing Ts. Out-of-sample ten-fold cross validation CV was used to quantify the accuracy of our predictions.

Our model performance was excellent for both days with and without available Ts observations for both Aqua and Terra CV Aqua R 2 results for min 0. These predictions can be used as three separate Ta exposures in epidemiology studies for better diurnal exposure assessment. All rights reserved. The year of the record is an interesting bit of information on its own but it doesn't do much to place things in context.

What about the local history of record temperatures and how things may be changing? Here we present a daily temperature records data product that we hope will serve the scientist and non-scientist alike in exploring and analyzing high and low temperature records and trends at hundreds of locations across the U. Estimation of daily maximum and minimum air temperatures in urban landscapes using MODIS time series satellite data. Urban air temperature is considered a significant variable for a variety of urban issues, and analyzing the spatial patterns of air temperature is important for urban planning and management.

However, insufficient weather stations limit accurate spatial representation of temperature within a heterogeneous city. This study used a random forest machine learning approach to estimate daily maximum and minimum air temperatures Tmax and Tmin for two megacities with different climate characteristics: Los Angeles, USA, and Seoul, South Korea.

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This study used eight time-series land surface temperature LST data from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer MODIS , with seven auxiliary variables: elevation, solar radiation, normalized difference vegetation index, latitude, longitude, aspect, and the percentage of impervious area. The best schemes produced R2 of 0. LSTs obtained the day before were crucial for estimating daily urban air temperature. Estimated air temperature patterns showed that Tmax was highly dependent on the geographic factors e. Staying cool in a changing landscape: the influence of maximum daily ambient temperature on grizzly bear habitat selection.

To fulfill their needs, animals are constantly making trade-offs among limiting factors. Although there is growing evidence about the impact of ambient temperature on habitat selection in mammals, the role of environmental conditions and thermoregulation on apex predators is poorly understood. Our objective was to investigate the influence of ambient temperature on habitat selection patterns of grizzly bears in the managed landscape of Alberta, Canada. Grizzly bear habitat selection followed a daily and seasonal pattern that was influenced by ambient temperature , with adult males showing stronger responses than females to warm temperatures.

When ambient temperatures increased, the relative change odds ratio in the probability of selection for 0- to year-old cutblocks decreased during the hottest part of the day and increased during cooler periods, especially for males. Concurrently, the probability of selection for to year-old cutblocks increased on warmer days. Following plant phenology, the odds of selecting 0- to year-old cutblocks also increased from early to late summer while the odds of selecting to year-old cutblocks decreased.

Our results demonstrate that ambient temperatures , and therefore thermal requirements, play a significant role in habitat selection patterns and behaviour of grizzly bears. In a changing climate, large mammals may increasingly need to adjust spatial and temporal selection patterns in response to thermal constraints. Attributes for NHDPlus catchments version 1.

This data set represents the average monthly maximum temperature in Celsius multiplied by for compiled for every catchment of NHDPlus for the conterminous United States. NHDPlus also includes elevation-derived catchments drainage areas produced using a drainage enforcement technique first widely used in New England, and thus referred to as "the New England Method.

Over the past two years, an interdisciplinary team from the U. The NHDPlus version 1. Heat wave phenomenon in southern Slovakia: long-term changes and variability of daily maximum air temperature in Hurbanovo within the period. Analysis of long-term changes and temporal variability of heat waves incidence in the region of southern Slovakia within the periods is a goal of the presented contribution. It is expected that climate change in terms of global warming would amplify temporal frequency and spatial extension of extreme heat wave incidence in region of central Europe in the next few decades.

The frequency of occurrence and amplitude of heat waves may be impacted by changes in the temperature regime. Heat waves can cause severe thermal environmental stress leading to higher hospital admission rates, health complications, and increased mortality. These effects arise because of one or more meteorology-related factors such as higher effective temperatures , sunshine, more consecutive hot days and nights, stagnation, increased humidity, increased pollutant emissions, and accelerated photochemical smog and particulate formation.

Heat waves bring about higher temperatures , increased solar heating of buildings, inhibited ventilation, and a larger number of consecutive warm days and nights. All of these effects increase the thermal loads on buildings, reduce their ability to cool down, and increase indoor temperatures. The paper is focused to analysis of long-term and inter-decadal temporal variability of heat waves occurrence at meteorological station Hurbanovo time-series of daily maximum air temperature available from at least We can characterize the heat waves by its magnitude and duration, hence both of these characteristics need to be investigated together using sophisticated statistical methods developed particularly for the analysis of extreme hydrological events.

We investigated particular heat wave periods either from the severity point of view using HWI index. In the paper we also present the results of statistical analysis of daily maximum air temperature within period. Apart from these investigation efforts we also focused on synoptic causes of heat wave. Effects of climate change on daily minimum and maximum temperatures and cloudiness in the Shikoku region: a statistical downscaling model approach.

In this study, we present a detailed analysis of the effect of changes in cloudiness CLD between a future period and the base period on daily minimum temperature TMIN and maximum temperature TMAX in the same period for the Shikoku region, Japan. Results of the SDSM simulations performed for climate change scenarios such as those from this study contribute to local-scale agricultural and. Extreme Maximum Land Surface Temperatures. There are numerous reports in the literature of observations of land surface temperatures. Numerical simulations confirm this and suggest that temperature gradients in the first few centimeters of soil may reach 0.

The study bears upon the intrinsic interest of identifying extreme maximum temperatures and yields interesting information regarding the comfort zone of animals including man. Estimating missing daily temperature extremes in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. The accuracy of reconstructing missing daily temperature extremes in the Jaffna climatological station, situated in the northern part of the dry zone of Sri Lanka, is presented. The adopted method utilizes standard departures of daily maximum and minimum temperature values at four neighbouring stations, Mannar, Anuradhapura, Puttalam and Trincomalee to estimate the standard departures of daily maximum and minimum temperatures at the target station, Jaffna.

The daily maximum and minimum temperatures from to 15 years were used to test the validity of the method. The accuracy of the estimation is higher for daily maximum temperature compared to daily minimum temperature. For daily minimum temperature , the percentage is about To obtain the best accuracy when estimating the missing daily temperature extremes, it is important to include Mannar which is the nearest station to the target station, Jaffna.

We conclude from the analysis that the method can be applied successfully to reconstruct the missing daily temperature extremes in Jaffna where no data is available due to frequent disruptions caused by civil unrests and hostilities in the region during the period, to These waters are listed by the state as impaired under Section d of the Clean Water Act.

Agricultural costs of the Chesapeake Bay total maximum daily load. Significant cost savings can be realized through careful and efficient BMP selection and spatial targeting. The paper describes structure and measurement results of the system detecting present maximum temperature on the surface of an integrated circuit. The system consists of the set of proportional to absolute temperature sensors, temperature processing path and a digital part designed in VHDL. Analogue parts of the circuit where designed with full-custom technique.

The system is a part of temperature -controlled oscillator circuit - a power management system based on dynamic frequency scaling method. The oscillator cooperates with microprocessor dedicated for thermal experiments. Daily temperature variations on Mars. These temperature anomalies do not correlate with elevation, geologic units, morphology, or atmospheric dust content. All regions having a Lambert albedo less than 0. A strong inverse correlation is seen between the magnitude of the anomaly and the thermal inertia.

This correlation is seen as indicating that some surface property is responsible for the anomaly. In the anomalous region the temperatures are observed to be warmer in the morning and cooler late in the afternoon and to decrease more slowly during the night than the Viking model temperatures. It is believed that of all the physical processes likely to occur on Mars but not included in the Viking thermal model, only a layered soil can explain the observations.

A possible explanation of the layering deduced from the infrared thermal mapper observations is a layer of aeolian deposited dust about one thermal skin depth thick 1 to 4 cm , covering a duricrust. Minimum maximum temperature gradient coil design. Ohmic heating is a serious problem in gradient coil operation. A method is presented for redesigning cylindrical gradient coils to operate at minimum peak temperature , while maintaining field homogeneity and coil performance.

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To generate these minimaxT coil windings, an existing analytic method for simulating the spatial temperature distribution of single layer gradient coils is combined with a minimax optimization routine based on sequential quadratic programming. Simulations are provided for symmetric and asymmetric gradient coils that show considerable improvements in reducing maximum temperature over existing methods. The winding patterns of the minimaxT coils were found to be heavily dependent on the assumed thermal material properties and generally display an interesting "fish-eye" spreading of windings in the dense regions of the coil.

Small prototype coils were constructed and tested for experimental validation and these demonstrate that with a reasonable estimate of material properties, thermal performance can be improved considerably with negligible change to the field error or standard figures of merit. Do contrails significantly reduce daily temperature range? One of the most visible anthropogenic phenomena in the atmosphere is the occurrence of contrails. The direct effects of contrails on surface temperature are investigated on the basis of the data sets for the cloud cover and surface temperature over the conterminous United States for the period It is shown that the increase of the average daily temperature range DTR over the United States during the three-day grounding period of September cannot be attributed to the absence of contrails, a subject was debated in several previous studies.

The present analysis suggests that the DTR is attributed to the change of low cloudiness. Report P, September 19, The Endangered Species Act ESA ensures that the decision-making process provides sufficient water to limit the impact on protected species, such as salmon, in the Sacramento River Valley.

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Current decision support tools in the CVP were deemed inadequate by the National Marine Fisheries Service due to the limited temporal resolution of forecasts for monthly stream temperature and fish mortality. Finer scale temporal resolution is necessary to account for the stream temperature variations critical to salmon survival and reproduction. In addition, complementary, long-range tools are needed for monthly and seasonal management of water resources. A suite of predictors that impact stream temperatures are included in the models, including current and prior day values of streamflow, water temperatures of upstream releases from Shasta Dam, air temperature , and precipitation.

Monthly models are developed for each stream temperature attribute at the Balls Ferry gauge, an EPA compliance point for meeting temperature criteria. The statistical framework is also coupled with seasonal climate forecasts using a stochastic weather generator to provide ensembles of stream temperature scenarios that can be used for seasonal scale water allocation planning and decisions.

Short-term weather forecasts can also be used in the framework to provide near-term scenarios useful for making water release decisions on a daily basis. The framework can be easily translated to other. Beaty, D. The RSSB's first task was to address the effect of heating during acquisition and storage of samples on scientific investigations that could be expected to be conducted if the samples are returned to Earth. Sample heating may cause changes that could ad-versely affect scientific investigations. Previous studies of temperature requirements for returned mar-tian samples fall within a wide range to 50 degrees Centigrade and, for mission concepts that have a life detection component, the recommended threshold was less than or equal to degrees Centigrade.

The RSSB was asked by the Mars project to determine whether or not a temperature requirement was needed within the range of 30 to 70 degrees Centigrade. There are eight expected temperature regimes to which the samples could be exposed, from the moment that they are drilled until they are placed into a temperature -controlled environment on Earth. Two of those - heating during sample acquisition drilling and heating while cached on the Martian surface - potentially subject samples to the highest temperatures.

We considered 11 scientific investigations where thermal excursions may have an adverse effect on the science outcome. Statistical downscaling of mean temperature , maximum temperature , and minimum temperature on the Loess Plateau, China. Climate change is considered to be one of the greatest environmental threats. This has urged scientific communities to focus on the hot topic.

Global climate models GCMs are the primary tool used for studying climate change. However, GCMs are limited because of their coarse spatial resolution and inability to resolve important sub-grid scale features such as terrain and clouds. Statistical downscaling methods can be used to downscale large-scale variables to local-scale. We also show that SDSM can effectively reduce uncertainty, compared with the raw model outputs. TMEAN uncertainty was reduced by The corresponding reductions in uncertainty were Total maximum daily loads, sediment budgets, and tracking restoration progress of the north coast watersheds.

One of the predominate water quality problems for northern coastal California watersheds is the impairment of salmonid habitat. Consideration for linkage to watershed models and ecologica This article presents a seven-step procedure for developing environmentally safe total maximum daily loads TMDLs for selenium. The need for this information stems from recent actions taken by the U. However, there is no technical Weather has a significant impact on different sectors of the economy. One of the most sensitive is the electricity market, because power demand is linked to several weather variables, mainly the air temperature.

This work analyzes the relationship between electricity load and daily air temperature in Spain, using a population-weighted temperature index.

The electricity demand shows a significant trend due to socioeconomic factors, in addition to daily and monthly seasonal effects that have been taken into account to isolate the weather influence on electricity load. The analysis has also revealed that the sensitivity of electricity load to daily air temperature has increased along time, in a higher degree for summer than for winter, although the sensitivity in the cold season is always more significant than in the warm season. Two different temperature -derived variables that allow a better characterization of the observed relationship have been used: the heating and cooling degree-days.

The regression of electricity data on them defines the heating and cooling demand functions, which show correlation coefficients of 0. The maximum elasticity of electricity demand is observed at 7 cooling degree-days and 9 heating degree-days, and the saturation points are reached at 11 cooling degree-days and 13 heating degree-days, respectively. These results are helpful in modeling electricity load behavior for predictive purposes. New developments on the homogenization of Canadian daily temperature data.

Long-term and homogenized surface air temperature datasets had been prepared for the analysis of climate trends in Canada Vincent and Gullett Monthly adjustments were derived from the regression models and daily adjustments were obtained from an interpolation procedure using the monthly adjustments Vincent et al.

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Recently, new statistical tests have been developed to improve the power of detecting changepoints in climatological data time series. The penalized maximal t PMT test Wang et al. A software package RHtestsV3 Wang and Feng has also been developed to implement these tests to homogenize climate data series. A recursive procedure was developed to estimate the annual cycle, linear trend, and lag-1 autocorrelation of the base series in tandem, so that the effect of lag-1 autocorrelation is accounted for in the tests.

A Quantile Matching QM algorithm Wang was also developed for adjusting Gaussian daily data so that the empirical distributions of all segments of the detrended series match each other. The RHtestsV3 package was used to prepare a second generation of homogenized temperatures in Canada. Reference series was used in conducting a PMT test. Whenever possible, the main causes of the shifts were retrieved through historical evidence such as the station inspection reports.

Finally, the QM algorithm was used to adjust the daily temperature series for the artificial shifts identified from the respective. A comparison of climatological observing windows and their impact on detecting daily temperature extrema. Climatological observing window COW is defined as a time frame over which continuous or extreme air temperature measurements are collected.

Recent Australian Publications January - Alphabetic | Libraries Australia

A h time interval, ending at 00UTC or shifted to end at 06UTC, has been associated with difficulties in characterizing daily temperature extrema. A fixed h COW used to obtain the temperature minima leads to potential misidentification due to fragmentation of "nighttime" into two subsequent nighttime periods due to the time discretization interval. The correct identification of air temperature extrema is achievable using a COW that identifies daily minimum over a single nighttime period and maximum over a single daytime period, as determined by sunrise and sunset.

Due to a common absence of hourly air temperature observations, the accuracy of the mean temperature estimation is dependent on the accuracy of determination of diurnal air temperature extrema. Qualitative and quantitative criteria were used to examine the impact of the COW on detecting daily air temperature extrema. The timing of the h observing window occasionally affects the determination of daily extrema through a mischaracterization of the diurnal minima and by extension can lead to errors in determining daily mean temperature.

Hourly air temperature data for the time period from year to , obtained from Toronto Buttonville Municipal Airport weather station, were used in analysis of COW impacts on detection of daily temperature extrema and calculation of annual temperature averages based on such extrema. Estimation and prediction of maximum daily rainfall at Sagar Island using best fit probability models.

Sagar Island, setting on the continental shelf of Bay of Bengal, is one of the most vulnerable deltas to the occurrence of extreme rainfall-driven climatic hazards. Information on probability of occurrence of maximum daily rainfall will be useful in devising risk management for sustaining rainfed agrarian economy vis-a-vis food and livelihood security. Using six probability distribution models and long-term daily rainfall data, we studied the probability of occurrence of annual, seasonal and monthly maximum daily rainfall MDR in the island.

To select the best fit distribution models for annual, seasonal and monthly time series based on maximum rank with minimum value of test statistics, three statistical goodness of fit tests, viz. The fourth probability distribution was identified from the highest overall score obtained from the three goodness of fit tests.

Results revealed that normal probability distribution was best fitted for annual, post-monsoon and summer seasons MDR, while Lognormal, Weibull and Pearson 5 were best fitted for pre-monsoon, monsoon and winter seasons, respectively. The estimated annual MDR were 50, 69, 86, and mm for return periods of 2, 5, 10, 20 and 25 years, respectively. For different recurrence intervals, the percent probability of MDR varied widely across intra- and inter-annual periods. In the island, rainfall anomaly can pose a climatic threat to the sustainability of agricultural production and thus needs adequate adaptation and mitigation measures.

Mid-depth temperature maximum in an estuarine lake. Stepanenko, V. Yu; Gorin, S. We argue that the main prerequisite for mid-depth TeM development is a salinity increase below the freshwater mixed layer, sharp enough in order to increase the temperature with depth not to cause convective mixing and double diffusion there. Given that this condition is satisfied, the TeM magnitude is controlled by physical factors which we identified as: radiation absorption below the mixed layer, mixed-layer temperature dynamics, vertical heat conduction and water-sediments heat exchange.

Based on the LAKE model results we quantify the contribution of the above listed mechanisms and find their individual significance highly sensitive to water turbidity. We exemplify the effect of mixed-layer depth on TeM by a set of selected lakes. On the location of the maximum homogeneous crystal nucleation temperature. Detailed considerations are given to the location of the temperature of maximum homogeneous nucleation as predicted by classical nucleation theory.

Also, it is demonstrated tha T-asterisk may be considered to be approximately dependent upon two parameters: gamma, the ratio of the difference in specific heat between the crystal and liquid divided by the entropy of fusion, and E, a reduced activation energy for viscous flow. The variation of T-asterisk with these parameters is described. The relationship of the relative location of T-asterisk to the glass transition temperature , is discussed too. This discussion is couched within the framework of the strong and fragile liquid notion introduced by Angell and coworkers.

Finally, the question of the ultimate limits to the undercooling of liquid metals is considered and its relationhsip to computations of the maximum nucleation temperature in such systems. Daily rhythmicity of body temperature in the dog. Research over the past 50 years has demonstrated the existence of circadian or daily rhythmicity in the body core temperature of a large number of mammalian species. However, previous studies have failed to identify daily rhythmicity of body temperature in dogs.

We report here the successful recording of daily rhythms of rectal temperature in female Beagle dogs. Homogenisation of minimum and maximum air temperature in northern Portugal. Homogenization of minimum and maximum air temperature has been carried out for northern Portugal for the period The database corresponds to the values of the monthly arithmetic averages calculated from daily values observed at stations within the network of stations managed by the national Institute of Meteorology IM.

Some of the weather stations of IM's network are collecting data for more than a century; however, during the entire observing period, some factors have affected the climate series and have to be considered such as, changes in the station surroundings and changes related to replacement of manually operated instruments. Besides these typical changes, it is of particular interest the station relocation to rural areas or to the urban-rural interface and the installation of automatic weather stations in the vicinity of the principal or synoptic stations with the aim of replacing them. The information from these relocated and new stations was merged to produce just one but representative time series of that site.

This process starts at the end 90's and the information of the time series fusion process constitutes the set of metadata used. Two basic procedures were performed: i preliminary statistical and quality control analysis; and, ii detection and correction of problems of homogeneity. In the first case, was developed and used software for quality control, specifically dedicated for the detection of outliers, based on the quartile values of the time series itself.

Both methods provide a fast quality control of the original data and were developed for automatic processing, analyzing, homogeneity testing and adjusting of climatological data, but manual usage is also possible. Obtained results with both. Razuvaev, V. The stations in this dataset are considered by RIHMI to comprise one of the best networks suitable for temperature and precipitation monitoring over the the former-USSR. Factors involved in choosing these stations included length or record, amount of missing data, and achieving reasonably good geographic coverage.

The relative quality and accuracy of the common station records in the two databases also cannot be easily assessed. As of this writing, most of the common stations contained in the GHCND have more recent records, but not necessarily records starting as early as the records available here. This database contains four variables: daily mean, minimum, and maximum temperature , and daily total precipitation liquid equivalent.

Temperature were taken three times a day from , four times a day from , and eight times a day since Daily mean temperature is defined as the average of all observations for each calendar day. See the measurement description file for further details. Daily precipitation totals are also available to the nearest tenth of a millimeter for each station. Throughout the record, daily precipitation is defined as the total amount of precipitation recorded during a h period, snowfall being converted to a liquid total by melting the snow in the gauge.

From on, rain gauges were checked several times each day; the cumulative total of all observations during a calendar day was presumably used as the. On estimating total daily evapotranspiration from remote surface temperature measurements. A method for calculating daily evapotranspiration from the daily surface energy budget using remotely sensed surface temperature and several meteorological variables is presented.

Vaules of the coefficients are determined from simulations with a one-dimensional boundary layer model with vegetation cover. Model constants are obtained for vegetation and bare soil at two air temperature and wind speed levels over a range of surface roughness and wind speeds.

A different means of estimating the daily evapotranspiration based on the time rate of increase of surface temperature during the morning is also considered. Both the equations using our model-derived constants and field measurements are evaluated, and a discussion of sources of error in the use of the formulation is given. Linking trading ratio with TMDL total maximum daily load allocation matrix and uncertainty analysis. An innovative approach for total maximum daily load TMDL allocation and implementation is the watershed-based pollutant trading.

Given the inherent scientific uncertainty for the tradeoffs between point and nonpoint sources, setting of trading ratios can be a contentious issue and was already listed as an obstacle by several pollutant trading programs. One of the fundamental reasons that a trading ratio is often set higher e. However, most of the available studies did not provide an approach to explicitly address the determination of trading ratio. Uncertainty analysis has rarely been linked to determination of trading ratio. This paper presents a practical methodology in estimating "equivalent trading ratio ETR " and links uncertainty analysis with trading ratio determination from TMDL allocation process.

Determination of ETR can provide a preliminary evaluation of "tradeoffs" between various combination of point and nonpoint source control strategies on ambient water quality improvement. A greater portion of NPS load reduction in overall TMDL load reduction generally correlates with greater uncertainty and thus requires greater trading ratio. The rigorous quantification of trading ratio will enhance the scientific basis and thus public perception for more informed decision in overall watershed-based pollutant trading program.

Economic total maximum daily load for watershed-based pollutant trading. An innovative approach is presented in this paper that proposes post-TMDL trade by calculating pollutant rights for each pollutant source within a watershed. Several water quality trading programs are currently operating in the USA with an objective to achieve overall pollutant reduction impacts that are equivalent or better than TMDL scenarios.

These programs use trading ratios for establishing water quality equivalence among pollutant reductions. The inbuilt uncertainty in modeling the effects of pollutants in a watershed from both the point and nonpoint sources on receiving waterbodies makes WQT very difficult. A higher trading ratio carries with it increased mitigation costs, but cannot ensure the attainment of the required water quality with certainty. For info sun, mercury, Uranus and neptune are in Sagittarius, venus in cap, Mars in virgo, jupiter in scorpio, saturn and Pluto in libra.

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